Childrens Martial arts

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Are all instructors insured to teach martial arts?
A: Yes, all MD Warriors instructors are insured to instruct through Towergate.

Q: Are instructors first aid trained?
A: Yes, all MD Warriors instructors hold an up to date first Aid qualification

Q: Are all instructors and assistants police checked?
A: All instructors and assistants have had a DBS(CRB) check and are required to be checked every 2 years inline with Cobra and the martial arts standards agency policy.

Q: Who is your governing body?
A: MD Warriors is supported and affiliated to the Cobra Martial Arts Association, approved by the Martial Arts Standards agency and is recognised by the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The martial arts industry in the UK is not regulated and there is no official governing body that clubs or instructors have to be registered with. MD Warriors has chosen Cobra as we feel this offers our members the best value for money with little political interference which allows us to do what we do best – teach!

Q: Do instructors have coaching qualifications?
A: Yes, all instructors have completed a coaching qualification provided by Cobra Martial Arts Supporting Body. They are also required to complete an MD Warriors coaching course and unlike most martial arts instructors are required to attend regular training and to have observations in order for their qualification to remain valid.

Q: Do instructors have martial arts experience and a blackbelt?
A: Yes, all lead instructors are required to have black belt as a minimum. Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide wealth of experience in a variety of styles, some of these include shotokan, Ken zen niche, Ju Jitsu, Kempo Karate, wadu ryu, philipino martial arts, funukushi, kombatan, freestyle and many more.

Q: What other experience have your instructors got?
A: Whilst we feel that martial arts experience is important and in fact essential, we also feel that instructors need to have more to offer than just their martial arts skills. For this reason we choose instructors that are able to offer their students fun, safe, enjoyable sessions that offer development in other areas such as self control, team work, turn taking, honesty, confidence and other life skills.

Q: What are MD Warriors doing to promote Equality and Diversity?
A: MD Warriors is taking a proactive approach to E and D and requires all of its staff to complete training. We also keep E and D in mind when recruiting and have recently increased the amount of female instructors on our team, which has been well received by our students and we hope it will provide positive female role models for all of our students. MD Warriors has a good mix of both male and female students. We also run specialist classes for individuals with who require specialist training.

Q: Will children be safe in an MD Warriors session?
A: Health and safety and safeguarding is highly important to us at MD Warriors, all staff complete an internal health and safety course which includes risk assessing. Whilst martial arts is a physical sport we actually have a very few injuries occur. We believe this is due to careful lesson planning, correct use of equipment and effective risk assessments being done. One of our instructors is a safeguarding official, qualified social worker and course leader. He runs regular courses for our staff. Instructors also complete an external safeguarding certificate.