Childrens Martial arts

"Highly recommend MD Warriors. Great confidence building. Very friendly. Very welcoming" - Nicola

"Reggie has enjoyed coming for over a year now. he has social challenges, and MD has intergrated him and enabled him to build his confidence and co-ordination" - Angi

"MD Warriors has worked hard to welcome everyone into the groups. My son has ADHD and the martial arts has helped with his abilities in other areas" - Emma

"I would recommend MD Warriors to anyone, everyone is friendly and helpful. It is fantastic when you get to see what your child has acheived" - Bev

"Excellent fun. The instructor has a fantastic rapport with the kids and makes martial arts very accessible" - Simon

Parents & Students

"Jamie thoroughly enjoys Warriors and his behaviour and attitude has massively improved since starting" - Becky

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the club" - Kirsty

"I'm really pleased with how its run, Carrie-Ann has come forward in many ways as a result of her classes" - Amy

"Barley thoroughly enjoys coming to MD, being part of the team, making friends and acheiving the goals" - Paula

"My son has really enjoyed coming to classes and his confidence has improved" - Krisia

"Excellent activity for all children - whatever their age or level and ability" - Jenny